Mystery of Identity Solved

In the posting of 26 September 2011 under the title “Samuel and Martha in South Australia” a photo was included of two men admiring the memorial stone and plaque marking the graves of Samuel and Martha Mewett in the Kersbrook Cemetery. The occasion was the Mewett Family Reunion of 1976. The man on the viewer’s left and wearing a brown suit and tie was correctly identified as Geoffrey Gordon Mewett, great-grandson of Samuel and Martha Mewett, grandson of Thomas, son of Walter, and father of our present-day researcher Darryl. The other man was described simply as an unidentified person; to the author of this blog he became the mystery man. A copy of the photo was forwarded to Darryl who was pleased to have it as he had not seen it before, but the identity of the mystery man remained unknown. Darryl distributed copies to his circle of cousins and contacts for identification and the mystery was solved by Roger Schubert: it was a photo of his father Ed (Gustav Edwin) Schubert who was an agent for memorials. plaques etc. So, it was a significant photo of two men who were instrumental in having a memorial stone and plaque ready in place for unveiling at the Reunion. Not only that, they were related by marriage: Ed Schubert was married to Geoff’s cousin, Dulcie Rita Mewett, daughter of William Samuel, grand-daughter of  Thomas, and great-grand-daughter of Samuel and Martha. My thanks to Darryl Mewett and Roger Schubert (they are second cousins) for solving the mystery of the unidentified man. Darryl tells me that Roger remembers when he was a boy, his grandfather, William Samuel Mewett, took him to the cemetery and pointed out the location of the grave, at that time unmarked. Which prompts me to think about a posting herein covering the unmarked graves of my Mewett and Pollock ancestors; there are quite a few!

– almewett

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