The Jesse Mewett Photo Album – Wongalere or Wangolere?

Wangalere 20090
The labour force at Wangolere photographed along with three dogs, a horse, large barrels, and not forgetting the young lady at your left!  Jesse Mewett is said to be the man at the viewer’s left in the front row, still wearing his wide-awake hat, waistcoat and jacket. I had thought for years that the tall man at centre front was a Mewett, but …..?  A boy at the viewer’s right, at the back, could be a Mewett. I believe that members of the Trestrail family could be present in this photo. The Trestrails were residing at Wangolere later than the Mewetts. Lucy Trestrail was born here in 1890, Adeline in 1894. More about the Trestrails and their farm Trevale in another posting. Wangolere was situated on the South Para River and was flooded when the South Para Reservoir was built 1949 – 1958.

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  1. The man standing next to Jesse looks very much like Albert Edwin Trestrail, but we are unsure of any others. Another great photo!

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    • Thanks Sue. Jesse Mewett and Albert Edwin Trestrail were close, evidenced by the sale/purchase of Trevale. I had suspected they might have worked together at Wangolere. There were also intermarriages – to be covered in a future post on this blog. Regards, Alan Mewett

  2. Thank you for another great photo and related history

  3. My brother Douglas Mewett resembled the boy second from the left behind Jesse.

  4. The men in the front row, from the left are :- Jesse Mewett, Albert Edwin Trestrail, John Mewett, unknown, Arthur Springbett (farm manager), unknown. I have the photo and the men were identified by my uncle, Vern Holmes (desc), who was born at Williamstown in 1918 and knew the men in the photo.

    • Thank you, Roger, for identification of men in the photo of Wangolere/Wongalere: Jesse Mewett, Albert Edwin Trestrail, John Mewett, unknown, Arthur Springbett (farm manager) who were identified by Roger’s uncle, Vern Holmes, born at Williamstown 1918.

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