Mrs Mewett in fiction!

Well, our family name has made it into fiction, a novel by M.L.Stedman titled  The Light Between Oceans, published earlier this year. My daughter Liz was reading the novel while travelling on a train heading up the North Shore when she turned to page 51 and the name Mrs Mewett immediately caught her eye. Surprised, nay, astonished she almost fell off the carriage seat. Liz was reading the The Light Between Oceans in preparation for a Book Club meeting in Narrandera.

Mrs Mewett is a minor character who runs a boarding house in a coastal town in the south-west of Western Australia. She is in her sixties, stoutish, a no-nonsense landlady who lays down the rules of the house about drinking and smoking and meals before she hands over the key to the main character. The writer refers to the house as Mrs Mewett’s. The story is set in the early 20th Century, post-World War I.




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  1. Did you know that there are two G.I Joe figurines named “Cliff V Mewett”.
    Nice site, very interesting reading. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hello fellow Mewetts!
    Wow, this is a great family read. My father and I met Darryl Mewett a few years ago in England when he, and Francie came to visit.
    Was very interested to find out that our earliest Mewett came from the area of Hastings, where I was born a few hundred years later.
    And the first thing Daryll said to us was You’ve got the Mewett nose! First time I discovered I got a famous nose, haha!

    I was in Australia for a year 1996/7, ski instructing, selling opals, picking fruit etc. Wish I had known about you lot then, could have met you all. But I did go on a three day hike across the Alps and saw Alan Mewett name in a mountain hut visitor book. I nearly fell over in shock at seeing a Mewett there as I didnt know about the Aussie Mewetts then.
    So I guess that is you Al?
    Claire-Marie Mewett,
    father Brian Mewett from Bexhill-on-sea, East SUssex, mother Jill Razzelle of HAstings, brother Jason Mewett, wife Clare Mewett (was Rogers), and two little nieces Jessica Grace Mewett, 3 1/2 years old and latest baby Rosie Amelie Mewett born 9 Feb 2012, soon a year old! They all live in Weymouth Dorset now.

    • Yes, Claire-Marie, that would have been my name signed in one of the mountain hut visitor books. Bushwalking in high country was a passion but I had to give up when I became lost walking solo near Dead Horse Gap although I did find my way out thanks to map and compass. Thank you for your comments, very encouraging and interesting to read.

  3. Hi Alan
    Greg Mewett here from Ballarat. I was returning from England recently after the marriage of my daughter, Marianne, in Bristol. My partner, Catherine, started reading the novel on the plane out of Heathrow and was flabbergasted by the “Mrs Mewett” bit. Quite amazing really. I caught up with Alan (Mewett) Beattie 2 years ago when I was in Kent for a short time. Had lunch with him and he is fine form. His mother, Edith, is still alive and well in Shetland. I heard from my brother, Ron, that you were in Castlemaine last year. Keep well

    • Thanks, Greg, for your comment. There is at least one more Mrs Mewett in fiction for me to write about but I’m having difficulty in finishing the 19th-century novel which was melodramatic in its dialogue and not really representative of the working-class characters who featured in the main story. Enough to say now that Mrs Mewett, wife of the village vicar in the novel, was a 19th century snob! I hope to catch up with you some time.

  4. My mother bought me that book for Christmas as I, my mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law are the only Mrs Mewett’s she has ever known. Not a very common name up here in Northumberland but my husband definitely has the nose! I wonder if we are the northern most Mewett’s?

  5. This is a bit surreal. I was reading said book as well and saw Mrs. Mewett and promptly stopped reading to email my family. My parents are from New Zealand, James Webster Mewett and Barbara Josephine Mewett. They moved to Canada in the 60’s and I was born and raised in North America. I never knew other Mewett’s growing up, but obviously there are more than I realized!

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