A Ladder for the Family Tree

In response to a request from my grand-nephew (yes, yes, I know it should be great-nephew but my brother was his grandfather, so grand-nephew he shall be) I interrupt the narrative of our family history blog Who Were They to show the family tree as a “ladder” for want of a better term, to avoid the inevitable spread and detail of a fruitful tree. The year and place of birth of each of the males are given for better identification considering the numerous Thomases.

Thomas Mewett (1541 at Hastings) and Joane Owton

Thomas Mewett (1564 at Hastings) and Joane

Thomas Mewett (1588 at Arlington) and Margaret Rickwater

Nicholas Mewett (1631 at Alfriston) and Mary

Thomas Mewett (1668 at Alfriston) and Catherine Eason

Edmund (Edward) Mewett (1700 at Willingdon) and Mary Manser

Thomas Mewett (1725 at Willingdon) and Anne Stretton (second marriage for both)

John Mewett (1778 at Willingdon) and Elizabeth Woollar

Samuel Mewett (1803 at Willingdon) and Martha Balcomb

Jesse Mewett (1835 at Willingdon) and Rhoda Giddings

Edward John Mewett (1863 at Mount Pleasant S A) and Emma Lloyd

Percy Edwin Mewett (1892 at Murtoa VIC) and Margaret Pollock

Geoffrey Lloyd Mewett (1920 at Sunshine VIC) and Margaret Lenore Snook

John Gregory Mewett (1949 at Toorak VIC) and Vivien Hazel McAntee

I expect there will be howls of protest from the other male descendants of Samuel, Jesse, Edward (Ted), Percy, and Geoffrey, at their exclusion from the ladder and I do apologise, but that is the nature of a makeshift ladder which is certainly no substitute for a full-blown family tree. As our narrative settles down in Australia I will endeavour to provide you with more detailed trees. I daresay my grand-nephew will be pleased to read the direct line of descent through fourteen generations to his father. One happy customer?


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  1. I am a descendant of Thomas Mewett and Anne Stretton via their son Edward. You may be interested to know there are several Mewett lines in Canada as well, descendants of both Edward and his brother John. I live in Canada, via New Zealand.
    Thanks for this work – it’s fun to read.
    Alison (sometimes known as Al) Mewett

  2. Oops – Sorry, I was thinking one generation on. I am a descendant of William Mewett – Edward’s son from his first wife Sarah Dedman (ie half-brother of John and Edward).
    Alison Mewett

  3. I am putting together my own blog/website and I really like your approach …it puts a smile on my face!

  4. I am related to Jesse Mewett, his eight child Rhoda was my father’s mother, his name was Gordon – and we attend the reunion at Williamstown. Have followed your history with interest and this was passed on to me via my niece’s husband who is into researching family history. Very interesting and informative. Thanks

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