Introduction – Family History

My daughter recently urged me to “put down on paper” my recollections about our family history. Almost forty years ago I began researching,  inspired by my third cousin, the late Bob Mewett, formerly of Noradjuha, Victoria, Australia.

My collection of birth, marriage and death certificates, scribbled notes, letters, photos, folders and files has built up over the years without being resolved into a readable script. Recently I attended a meeting of the Ku-ring-gai Historical Society here in Gordon NSW and was inspired to download an application to sort my material into an attractive and easily navigable family tree. Another talk at the Society introduced weblogs and other social media as aids to research and as a means of “putting it down on paper” electronically. 

So, here I am now tapping away on the keyboard of my computer and, hopefully, the first instalment of my history will hit the wire as a blog. I will avoid a straight-line course through the male lines and, instead, ramble around the various branches of the family tree looking for the personalities and events that could be of interest to you. 

Yes, there are secrets and scandals and eccentrics, of course, but no-one famous or outstanding, mind you. I will steer clear of contemporary identities and events so as not to cause embarrassment to those of us still alive and kicking.

 – almewett

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  1. Alan I really enjoy reading about our family history! We shared the same grandfather.
    I am the daughter of Ivan Mewett from the second family!
    I would love to get a copy of the Mewett family Tree?
    Kind regards
    Lyn Smith ( Mewett)

  2. Hi, Kokoa’s not my actual name but anyways I’m researching my family history and was wondering if and how we are related? Could you please draw a detailed family tree of who you know of so far?

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